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From the UK

Sometimes I prepare hours in advance, sometimes I decide that I'm going to puke and want to get there as soon as possible. Usually I eat anything I can find, pasta, bread, rice are all good and bulky and find as much as I can to drink; beer, orange juice, whatever... until I'm at least full enough to be able to puke but often until I'm bursting and need to let it out.

Nearly always puke in my flat, either on the sofa or in the bathroom. I like puking outdoors, but it's too cold here for that at the moment. Sometimes I puke into a bucket, just wanting the feeling of relief sometimes I puke all over myself wanting to enjoy being covered in my horny lad puke.

Sometimes I'm able to burp-puke a little bit up if I'm really full but usually I have to gag myself. I usually use my fingers, but a peeled banana makes a nice and less rough change. I've tried all sorts of stuff to make me puke: Salt water etc does nothing for me Ipecac just made me do 2 half-descent heaves after about 45 mins, but left me far from empty. Think Maybe a double dose needs testing - now I just need some more! Anyone got any spare? ...

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How to puke on demand

Very difficult to describe. Next time you are puking, notice the muscles that are contracting, from down in your stomach, up your food pipe, the back of your throat, your toungue etc. Even the way you hold yourself, your posture, your shoulders etc.

Practice creating those muscle flexing exercises and imagining that you are puking - so you need to imagine you are pushing the food back up from your stomach and up through your chest and throat, so it is a sort of progressive movement.

Once you have practised for a while, try stuffing a few mouthfuls of whatever and almost immediately after you have swallowed, use the muscle control to bring it back.

You may need to practice a lot, but eventually, you will find you can leave it longer and longer before you can puke up on demand. It is really important to FEEL as if you ARE ALREADY puking while you are flexing the muscles as that sets up the mind and body to do its thing. Being a bit pissed and poppered up helps a lot too!!

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Advice from SG on Barf-o-rama message board

NoName Are you trying to force yourself to vomit because you're feeling sick or just because?

I only make myself vomit when something does not settle right in my stomach or if I'm not feeling well and know it is inevitable. I have a couple of methods that work.

First is you drink a lot of water until you feel like you will explode if you drink another drop. At this point you should be feeling very full and possibly even nauseous from all that water. You can add salt and make it warm water which sometimes works better.

Once you feel really full try burping. This should unsettle your stomach even more. When you begin to feel nauseous or get that familiar feeling get yourself to the bathroom. Lean over the toilet or get in the "ready to throw up position".

Relax your body by taking in deep breaths which will actually aggrevate your unsettled tummy. Continue to stare at the water, forcing a burp or cough.

Don't stick your fingers down your throat. If you still can't throw up try picturing something extremely revolting until you start to gag. This should work to make yourself throw up.

Once you get the first wave out then the rest should be pretty simple. Continue to contract your stomach forcing the contents out.

The key to puking is relaxing. When you tense up your body tries to fight it, but if you don't tense up and just let it happen vomiting will occur.

Also be prepared to possibly vomit again later. I have found if i force myself to throw up it has a tendency to unsettle my stomach and lead to more vomiting sessions when I try to eat something later on. Good luck.

Please don't use this advice for weight control. Vomiting can be pleasurable for some and should be done using safe methods. When you feel sick and just want to get it over there is nothing wrong with making it happen sooner, which is often the case for me. If you have enough willpower you can make yourself throw up without gagging yourself. Personally I don't vomit for pleasure but I don't mind it when it happens. Let me know how it goes.

An exprienced Marietta GA puker: Kyle of TreePhort

What I do: Get a gallon or 1/2 gallon of milk (I puke with a half,you just got to experiment) and leave the milk out until it gets warm

Not too warm I think, that can be dangerous but make sure it isnt cold at all.Warm milk makes me puke more than ever.

Drink the milk like you have never drank before.Soon you will spew it out and if you dont drink till you do.

For color drink some food coloring you can find food coloring on the spices isle or the cooking isle of the local food store.

any more questions I will try to answer them for you just keep them coming and please be careful. love Kyle

Advice from the real experts . . .

These viewer-submitted tips are taken from a pro-bulemia website and their site issues the following disclainer:
"not responsible for any action taken from these tips. some are good, some are bad. use your judgement, i'm sure its in you somewhere. and for legal bullshit: minors, seek out the consent of your parents. those without an eating disorder? seek out the consent of a therapist, you'll need one."
Yo, i gotta say bulemic and anorexic folks are i think really sad!.
Puking should be only for ridding the occasional party acivity or video shoot (oh, and for getting rid of toxins or bad food)
(Note to bulemics, Cut it out -- you need your nourishment and you are NOT fat - who wants a girlfriend that looks like a concentration camp survivor?)